Canada’s high-quality education resources

Canada's education system is very perfect, providing world-class educations from primary education to university education. Canadian citizens and permanent residents enjoy free primary and secondary education, and students from poor families can apply for higher education grants.

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Canada’s open immigration policy

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau stressed that Canada sees immigrants as a positive factor in the society and that the Canadian government will not consider abandoning the idea of social openness and racial harmony. Canadians are people from all over the world. Canada is recognized as the most tolerant country in the world. People respect each other with tolerance and positive attitude.

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Canada’s rich social welfare

From birth to death, Canadians ' lives are under various social benefits. Includes Employment Insurance, pensions and benefits for housing, education, training, family and people with disabilities. Canadians who even work or live outside of Canada are usually covered by Employment Insurance (EI), pensions, and all kinds of benefits.

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About Us

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